Deep Water Horizon

Deepwater Horizon, Alan Montgomery

Alan Montgomery was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and is a tenured professor of Art at Dakota State University. His work was recently published in Henry Sayre’s seventh edition of A World of Art, published by Pearson Higher Education 2012. In a 1994 essay, “The Fragility of Connectedness,” Akira Lippit writes about Montgomery’s work as “exploring the connection between the physical reality of Northern Ireland’s Troubles, and the metaphysical content of Montgomery’s series, Irish History Lessons, which continues to manifest itself in drawings and paintings.”

Montgomery’s interests reside in topical issues ranging from environmental to socio-political and his formal application of materials reflects a contemporary approach to mixed media and traditional techniques. Place and time have been very important in the development of his work. “I would like viewers to see something they have not seen before,” he says. “I want to provide an experience that can be recognized as authentic and real, that is, a thought that inscribes itself onto the psyche.”