The Emerald Tablet Schelling

Andrew Schelling, poet and translator, lives in the Southern Rockies and teaches at Naropa University. Recent poetry is A Possible Bag (Singing Horse) and recent translation is Bright as an Autumn Moon: Fifty Poems from the Sanskrit (Mānoa). In April 2014, he and three other poets, North American and Scottish, did a tree-planting walking-poem along the 130-mile John Muir Way, coast to coast in Scotland. They called it a “pair of trees opens a new life” and did twenty-five plantings. He is at work on a prose book: linguistics, ecology, poetry, myth, Tracks Along the Left Coast. “The Emerald Tablet” is dedicated to the memory of biologist, ecologist, activist and essayist Peter Warshall, and was first published in Derek Fenner’s project, The Emerald Tablet.